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Piss 2 months ago
All she did was piss men know nothing about
Mssquirter69 2 months ago
You don’t have to push off the dick every time you
squirt you’re gonna make the poor man go soft
2 months ago
All she did was piss all over the place smh
Matty I love you 2 months ago
Man I want to fuck this bitch so bad. I don’t care if it’s piss I want that shit all over me with them annoying ass screams happening so I can just slap her tellin her to shut the fuck up and take it
Gross 2 months ago
So bad
Whatever 1 month ago
It's not piss! It may have a bit but... it's from extreme contraction of the glad that provides the lubrication for the vaginal canal women have. The fluid has to come from somewhere and...if you've ever been with an assortment of women you know some get wet and some get REALLY wet. There can be some urine in the stream depending on the content of her bladder but it is NOT all urine. Talk about not knowing women. Jezz...the people saying that should just the next few plays off.
2 months ago
Wtf Matty
Leoncito 2 months ago
Me la deshidrataste men...
Pussyslayamfs 2 months ago
Yall horny shits know thats its just piss
Barack Obama 1 month ago
It's not peeing, she's coming, she's running, it's like the same thing as an ejaculation, but instead of ejaculating, she's releasing that liquid called a squirt.